Ross W. McGregor

District: 72
Term: 4th (includes appointed and elected terms)
Term Limit: Eligible to run for another two-year term
77 S. High St
11th Floor
Columbus, OH 43215-6111
Phone: (614) 466-2038
Fax: (614) 719-3972
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From slowhand23 - Just sent a support request to Ross McGregor through his website. He and I spoke several times last year regarding HB203 and he was a supporter. Hopefully, I\\\\ll get a positive response again so we can move him to the Confirmed YES status. Keep up the good work!! From diamondsun - Also emailed Ross McGregor. Awaiting response. Will call 04/25 if no email response. From Slowhand23 - I received below response from Ross today, he's still a supporter of both bills As in the past, I remain supportive of the efforts to enact House Bills 45 and 54 and will, if and when the bills are brought before the full House of Representatives for votes, be voting in favor of passage of these important pieces of legislation. However, until the House Rules Committee brings the bills forward for consideration, I am unable to cast my vote in support of these measures. I would therefore encourage you to contact the House leadership and urge them to bring House Bills 45 and 54 before the full House so that we may have an opportunity to vote for these bills. Thank you for your message regarding your support for the passage of House Bills 45 and 54. I appreciate your taking the time to contact me and express your views on this legislation. It is quite clear from your message that this is an issue which you are very passionate about and I am grateful for your taking the time to share your opinion. With regards, -Ross Ross W. McGregor State Representative 72nd District | Ohio House of Representatives